Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get ready for a "grand" adventure

My oldest daughter recently introduced me to the world of blogging and I find it fascinating.  Fascinating enough to start my own blog and share my thoughts on being a new grandparent....of course, life is more than one dimensional so this blog will also be my sounding board for being a single woman struggling to make career and relationships work in an economic recession, driven by modern technology. 

I am currently living in Florida, smack dab between the most magical place on earth and the lush beauty of the Gulf coast.  Living in Florida, while my first grandchild resides in Georgia, six hours away, has proved very challenging but I can  (thanks to modern technology) witness most of her firsts, while still living away from her and holding down a fulltime job.  I have only seen her three times in her short seven months but i feel that I know her so well, thanks to my trusty webcam.

What did long distance grandparents ever do without this modern marvel?  I find pictures of her to be sadly lacking in comparision.  I have been able to witness through my computer her first time rolling over at three months, getting up on her knees at four months and standing by herself at six.  Yes, my bibba is advanced!  Do I sound like a proud grandparent? 

Ironically, I have been as proud of my two daughters, but having my first child at nineteen I wasn't able to fully appreciate every little milestone of babyhood, most of the time i will regretfully and honestly say that i took them for granted as the young often do.  Having this new bibba in my life has given me a second chance to experience the wonder of babyhood and all of the joy that it brings and being a young grandmother at the tender age of forty four gives me hope that I can enjoy and grow along with my sweet granddaughter. 

Even as I get ready to post this I am distracted by her cuteness, as she trys to catch each newcomer's eye at Starbuck's, waiting for them to smile back at her beauty.  Grandma is in awe of this baby quality of expecting everyone to have a happy reaction to her existence.  When do we lose that?

She is the flirt, maybe grandma can pick up some tips....that topic will be investigated in future blogs.  Does Bibba need a grandpa paired with her yaya?  Time will tell.   I have already learned so much from this sweet baby in my life.

Bibba has taught me to open my heart again to let love in and to try and take people at face value.  To her young eyes everyone is good and ready to smile at her cuteness.  On that topic, I can't resist her bewitching smile on our grand adventure here at Starbuck's.  She has come to visit Yaya in Florida and we are recuperating from our trip to Disney yesterday....more on that adventure tommorow. 

For now I am going to delight myself in baby kisses and watch in wonder as she smiles at each passerby, while they smile back.........I ask could you resist smiling at this face?

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to sharing my "grand" adventures with you,   Yaya

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