Saturday, November 13, 2010

YaYa brings in the Holidays with "Joy" and the Bibba

Joy.....  Now that the Bibba is eleven months old today, the first word that comes to this new Yaya's mind is "Joy".  This past spring and summer brought lots of "Fun" with the new Bibba and now that the holidays are upon us, Let the Joy and Cheer begin! 

The Bibba came to Florida this past month of October to share her "first" Halloween with Yaya.  We kicked off the holiday season with pumpkins and costumes, while also celebrating "the Kid's" engagement at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

 I have to point out at this point, that for years, the holidays were something I would look forward to with dread.  Each year was a new reminder of the loss of my father and my long term marriage.  Often my two girls would visit their father, so I spent many holidays at work, pretending it was just another day.  Since the birth of the Bibba, each holiday is now a chance to celebrate family; a new decade and a new era has begun, since the birth of the sweet Bibba last December. 

As Thanksgiving approaches I give thanks for my two daughters and the men in their lives and give thanks for the chance to see another holiday through the Bibba's eyes for the "first" time.  A new joyful first....

Dear Bibba,

Thank you for eleven months of joy!  You have brought new life to the holidays.  Your first Halloween was a spooktacular time as you dressed as a cool punk rocker ballerina in a beautiful tutu, that your mom made just for you. 

Yaya dressed up as s kitty cat with your mom.  Yaya hasn't dressed up in years, but you bring out the "kid" in your grown up YaYa. You never acted like anything was out of the ordinary.  It was just another "joyful" day in your life with the people that you loved.

 I had so much fun watching you trick or treat for the first time at Publix grocery store.  You were pretending to drive the shopping cart with a miniature steering wheel, all the while, causing people to exclaim over your cuteness, while you held onto your pumpkin bag, like your little life depended on it.  Every minute or so you would sneak a peek in the bag, making sure that your mom or Yaya, hadn't taken anything out..

                                                                 As the season begins and your first birthday draws near, the excitement and the joy are high.....

Ways you have brought joy already to this YaYa's soul,

You have brought the joy of watching you enjoy music.  Moving back and forth when your mom or YaYa sing your favorite song, "Chuggington, Chuggy chuggy chuggy chugginton"  no song has seemed sweeter.  You also sing and hum along when I sing to you.   The joy of music is something I hope that we will always share.  No matter what music is playing. 

Just yesterday, I watched the video of you throwing a ball with your dad, for about the fifteenth time and I laughed with glee as you pumped your arms in a joyful gesture, as you yelled out "yeah" for your accomplishment.  This is another thing that gives me joy and I hope that you never lose the ability to cheer for yourself. 

Bibba,  Last Christmas YaYa was alone in Florida with a broken down car and unable to come and see you being brought into this world.  I will always regret this, but it made me even more determined to do whatever it takes to spend the holidays and your birthday with you.  This holiday season I am going to do just that.

Yaya has learned that some relationships bring great pain and heartache but there are also relationships that bring great joy and love!  Giving yourself in a relationship is always a risk but the rewards are worth more than anything you might lose.  Bibba, I am so happy to be sharing this Thanksgiving with you in your new house you just moved into, complete with play nook just for you!  You are a gift that Yaya is very grateful for everyday and I look forward to this holiday season with great joy!

Love,   your "joy" full Yaya <3                                                             

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